Photo Gallery

Among the prisoners were world class musicians, skilled craftsmen and military personnel. They were very resourceful in finding ways to stay entertained.

Photographed above are scenes where the prisoners were hard at work making sure the camp had livable conditions.

The guards at the internment camp also made time for leisurely activities, even having their own hockey team.

Many of the prisoners were very skilled labourers, and crafted beautifully handmade artifacts to pass the time. These can be found at the Cumberland County Museum and Archives here in Amherst, NS.

The exact model of the S.S. Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse is by far one of the most interesting artifacts to be found. Photographed above is Matthew Casey, a local craftsman who restored the model to its former glory.

Pictured are the layouts of the internment camp.

More photos of the ship that talks, comparing when it was found to the restoration. Bill and his nephew Matthew discovered the model of the S.S. Kaiser in Bill’s garage, which is what sparked the idea for this commemoration event.